Knowledge Sharing
We believe curious people find innovative solutions. This is an integral piece of how we manage our company and what we plan to demonstrate through our blog, The power of shared knowledge.

Welcome to our new site

Among other strategic initiatives, we've been hard at work on a new website to better communicate revelationMD's impact for all healthcare stakeholders. Our URL stays the same, but our look and user experience is brand new and improved, keeping the user in mind.

A few new features to the site:

  • User-friendly Savings Calculator to predict employer savings with revelationMD
  • The Power of Shared Knowledge blog to encourage all who touch healthcare
  • Better communication of solution delivery and benefits as it applies to all stakeholders
  • Easy navigation, clean design

For those familiar with iRefer, please note that mpactMD is the same product with a new name. Also, please note that login navigation has changed. We've detailed it out for you in the graphic below:

new login graphic