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Writing the code to reduce healthcare waste

Physician Collaboration ProjectOver the three decades of managed care practices, physician fees have never represented more than 30% of all healthcare expenditures, while physician care authorizations extended their influence to over 90% of all healthcare expenditures. Having built my career in the traditional managed care environment at a global health insurance company, I could not understand why the system was so focused on the fees physicians charged rather than on the care they authorized.

In 2003, I formed The Physician Collaboration Project with my fellow revelationMD co-founders. The project developed into a 'think tank' of all parties involved in medical delivery system (physicians, employers, technology experts, plan managers, patients) that researched and processed this great challenge. And from that think tank came the code to create revelationMD – its mission, values, and technology solution.

In my White Paper, The Physician Collaboration Project, I outline how and why physician collaboration with colleagues and all parties involved in medical delivery drives value and lowers costs of healthcare.

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